A. Does an Auctioneer add value to a fundraising event?

The value of hiring a professional auctioneer for your fundraising event:

  • Many members of the Texas Auctioneer Association have received advanced training and education with a designation in fundraising for benefit auctions.
  • Professional auctioneers are skilled and experienced at knowing which items will sell the best and bring the most money possible. 
  • Professional auctioneers know how to make the live auction fun, compelling, and competitive.
  • Professional auctioneers are passionate about their profession and that passion translates to your audience of bidders.
  • Professional auctioneers know how to command the attention of an audience and communicate their message and mission clearly.
  • Professional auctioneers know the tools and components an event needs to make it the most effective.
  • Many professional auctioneers serve as benefit auction consultants before, during, and after the event to help you maximize the fundraising for your organization.

B. Is an estate auction or an estate sale more affective?

Estate auctions and estate sales normally occur during a major life change and are a means of liquidating a large amount of personal property at once.

The biggest difference between an estate auction and an estate sale is: at auction, items for sale will be marketed to the public. They will be offered up for competitive bidding and the buyers will set the market value. The price will increase until a winning bidder prevails. All bidders are given the opportunity to bid the maximum amount they are willing to spend. An estate auction also lends well towards combining less desirable items together, until it becomes desirable enough to find a buyer, thus decreasing the amount of potential unsold items.

With an estate or tag sale, as they are commonly called, the personal property will have a price tag. The price of the merchandise is unlikely to go any higher than what is on the tag.

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